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Equipment Rental Policies

Metered Items

Rental rates are based on 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week and 160 hours per 4 weeks (referred to as 1 month). If more than the allowed hours are used, pro-rated charges per hour will apply.

Rental Return - Final Inspection

All items will be inspected upon return. We reserve the right to modify a contract for any broken, missing, damaged or excessively dirty items and charge for those items.

Delivery & Pick up

Our usual delivery or pick up times are during our normal business hours. If your delivery/pick up time is not during normal business hours, a minimum of $100.00 after hours delivery/pick up fee may apply.

We require that there be an adult present at the delivery site at the time of delivery, unless a site prep has been previously conducted or other prior arrangements have been made.

Delivery/pick up times are approximate. Additional delivery charges may apply if your order requires us to guarantee you a specific delivery/pick up time. For your scheduled delivery/pick up time please call the office.

Delivery items will be delivered to a location that can be accessed safely by our delivery vehicle. If your delivery item is in a location that we cannot drive to, additional charges may apply. Items that have been delivered are expected to be picked up in the original delivery location.

Items that are to be carried to a specific location, i.e. up/down stairs or an unusually long distance, may require an additional charge.

Fuel Charges

All equipment is sent out full of fuel and should be returned full. Fuel charges will incur if not returned full. A minimum of one half gallon will apply.

Tires / Rubber Tracks / Hoses

The customer is solely responsible for all tire, track or hose damage. Damage to tracks will be calculated based on useful life. We will determine the useful life as well as current pricing. If we are called to your jobsite for repairs, standard shop labor and service call rates will apply.

Cleaning Charges

Equipment is sent out clean and must be returned that way. Cleaning charges will incur if the equipment is not returned clean. A minimum of 1/2 hour shop labor may apply.

Environmental Charges

All engine operated equipment will incur an environmental fee charged at 2% of the base rental price.