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General Rental Policies


We require a valid driver’s license, two phone numbers and a valid credit card.

Payment Types

We accept cash, checks and Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit cards. We will accept debit cards for payment as long as they have a major credit card symbol on them.


Typically refunds are made by company check. Refunds usually take 7 to 10 business days. No cash refunds will be made unless the rental and the return occur on the same day and for valid reason.

Availability/Reservations and Payment of Bill

Reservations are recommended and require a 25% deposit of the total bill. Items will not be pulled or delivered until full payment has been received and we have a signed contract on file, unless prior arrangements have been made with management. All wedding rentals and some equipment rentals must be paid in full at the time the reservation is made prior to event or delivery. We can take reservations up to two years in advance.

Cancellation Policy

A 25% cancellation fee may be imposed on any reservation cancelled within 72 hours of the contract out time. Special order items will be charged according to our vendors guidelines.

Weather-Related Issues

Unfortunately, as much as we would like to, we cannot control Mother Nature. If you have the rental items in your possession and Mother Nature strikes, you will still be charged for the rental since rental rates are for “Time Out of Shop, Not Time Used”, regardless of the weather conditions. However, if your event must be rescheduled or cancelled prior to possession, we will do it for you, usually at no additional charge; some circumstances may require a fee. 

Rental Returns - Final Inspection

All items will be inspected upon return. We reserve the right to modify a contract for any broken, missing, damaged or excessively dirty items and charge for those items.


Some items will require a deposit in addition to the rental fee. This deposit can be paid with either cash or on a credit card. The deposit will be refunded upon return of the equipment in good condition.

Fire, Theft, & Vandalism (F.T.V.)

A 14% fee is applied automatically at the opening of each contract on all rental items. The renter is responsible for any damage to the rented equipment not caused by fire, theft or vandalism. F.T.V. may be declined by charge account customers only. If coverage is declined at the opening of the rental contract, the customer is responsible for any repairs or replacement costs if there is any damage to the rented equipment, regardless of fault.


Prices are subject to change. Please call for accurate price quotes. All rental charges are for time out, whether the items were used or not. If for some reason the equipment does not operate properly, it is your responsibility to notify us immediately. No adjustments will be made to your charges if you do not notify us. We will not be held responsible for operator error or unsuitable conditions at your job site.

Delivery / Pick up

Our usual delivery or pick up times are during our normal business hours. If your delivery/pick up time is not during normal business hours, a minimum of $100.00 after hours delivery/pick up fee may apply.

We require that there be an adult present at the delivery site at the time of delivery unless a site prep has been previously conducted or other prior arrangements have been made.

Delivery/pick up times are approximate. Additional delivery charges may apply if your order requires us to guarantee you a specific delivery/pick up time. For your scheduled delivery/pick up time please call the office.

Delivery items will be delivered to a location that can be accessed safely by our delivery vehicle. If your delivery item is in a location that we cannot drive to, additional charges may apply. Items that have been delivered are expected to be picked up in the original delivery location.

Items that are to be carried to a specific location, i.e. up/down stairs or an unusually long distance, may require an additional charge.

Cleaning Charges

Equipment is sent out clean and must be returned that way. Cleaning charges will incur if the equipment is not returned clean. A minimum of 1/2 hour shop labor may apply.

Equipment Damage

Any damage to our rented equipment, not covered by the F.T.V., is the sole responsibility of the customer. Repair costs and loss of use charges will incur until said equipment is returned to normal operation.